A follow up on yesterday’s post about the fool fire cheif that let that guys house burn down:

What if I was being assaulted in the street, would the police have to check to see if I paid my protection money before assisting me? And let me get mauled and possibly murdered if I haven’t paid up?? Our taxes PAY for these basic services no matter who we are or where we are.
I’ve heard of fire fighters sending a bill, and that’s preposterous, it’s what they are ALREADY PAID FOR.
Double dipping ticks me off, we have to pay to ‘use’ so called ‘public’ areas. National parks charge for entering, camping, boat launching, picnicking, (‘day use’), and our taxes ALREADY PAY for this!!!! If they want to make cha-ching off of usage fees, fine, then accept no tax dollars. We don’t need to pay twice, especially since the one time is too high as it is.