I’ve said it before, closing the CARB and repealing every bit of regulation they ever passed would be one of the biggest steps California could take to get back in its feet. The CARB is run by a bunch of eco-terrorists with an agenda, they do NOT have California’s best interests at heart.

Scandal Surrounding the California Air Resources Board
By Andy Caldwell
Created 08/31/2010 – 07:22

Many politicians and pundits pin the economic travails of the State of California upon our tax rates.  However, my experience leads me to believe that the number one cause for the economic malaise of our once great State emanates from our regulatory climate.  Here is but one example.

It is most unfortunate that few Californians are aware of the scandal surrounding the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  CARB has been in the process of establishing a Diesel Engine Rule that will require all engines in the State of CA to be replaced twice in the next ten years.

The fiscal impact of this rule can easily cost the California economy in excess of $40 billion.  It will impact trucking, construction, and farming, as these industries rely heavily upon diesel engines.  Is the expense for this rule justified?

CARB has been arguing that the particulate emissions from diesel engine exhaust causes premature deaths in the State of California. However, Dr. James Enstrom of UCLA, has proven there is no such health impact and his research has been peer reviewed and replicated by other scholars.  Dr. Enstrom has a PhD in Physics from Stanford, and he has been a research scientist in the University of Ca. for nearly 40 years!

Additionally, Dr. Enstrom discovered that the lead researcher working for CARB on this project, Hien T. Tran, faked his Ph.D, having purchased it on-line!  Further, the Chair of CARB, Mary Nichols help conceal this fraud from her fellow board members!

Yet, after all this, the person being fired is Dr. Enstrom! Despite the fact that he has been with UCLA for some 34 years, he has been slated for termination simply because his colleagues don’t like the effects of his research.

This episode mirrors the international Climategate scandal.  As you recall, the leaders of the movement to curtail greenhouse gas emissions were caught in email exchanges discussing how to squelch and punish any researchers who dared challenge their scientific findings.

These efforts to squelch debate and silence opposition are an affront to the honesty and integrity of academia and undermine the very foundation of the regulatory efforts underway.

Dr. Enstrom is a fine gentlemen having had the courage to been one of the only scientists out there who has been willing to go against the current of politically correct junk science.  His research has been a great help to the business community as they attempt to resist the onslaught of regulations threatening to overrun our economy.  He was fired by fellow staff members in a closed meeting.  Some of these fellow staff members have a grudge against him for his work associated with this scandal at CARB!

We are asking the Chancellor of UCLA to give Dr. Enstrom the due process of a fair hearing that will enable him to hear the charges against him and the opportunity to defend himself.

Please email the Chancellor and ask him to hold a FAIR Hearing on this matter. The contact for UCLA Chancellor Gene Block is chancellor@conet.ucla.edu [1]

To hear an interview with Dr. Enstrom follow this link [2]. [3]

I am all for clean air and clean water.  Nobody in their right mind supports indiscriminate pollution.  However, here in California we are pushing the envelope so hard in our attempt to be green that our economy is failing and so is the integrity of government and the science which serves to justify regulations.

What does it say about us if we sit idly by as our fellow Americans are wrongly defrauded of their jobs, their business and their livelihood?

Please get involved.