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California DOES have a choice, check out the grassroots movement that is the Conservative ascendancy of Chelene Nightingale. We do NOT have to pick between two liberal nitwits, but they do have money and name recognition so vote Nightingale, spread the word, get family & friends to vote as well. This is a very important election and California must be fixed!!





Not spam, a Call For Action by me personally, Guy:

California’s Choice, Chelene Nightingale For Governor

I don’t usually contribute to political campaigns, but I did in this case. California desperately needs repair and we all know we’re not going to get it in Whitman or Brown. Check out Nightingale’s stance on the issues and you’ll find she has true Conservative solutions to the problems that face the state. So I just sent in my contribution, send in yours if you can. And pass this email and the word around, we’re getting down to the wire in this election so immediate circulation is urgent!