Wow, been a while!

I posted this at a forum I belong to, felt it was worth putting here as well:

I’ve mentioned before that since the last presidential election I don’t pay a lot of attention to politics anymore. There’s a lot of ways to explain the first election of yObama, but the reelection showed the world we are a nation of stupid people.
So that includes not listening to talk radio anymore. I haven’t 100% sworn them off, I catch a little of Rush and Levin once in a while, but I feel politics are a waste of my time since the country’s a lost cause.
Anyway, last Wednesday I believe, I turned Rush on and the conversation was about that pervert Bruce Something or another and whether he had a penis or not. Really. With so much important things going on in the world, high taxes, high fuel prices, the war on middle class, the war on Christianity, yObamadoesntcare, Muslims, illegal immigrants, crime, floods, droughts, regulation, out of control local, state, and federal agencies, failing education systems, the next presidential election, etc, what’s important to discuss on the nation’s number one talk show is whether a sicko still has a penis????
I couldn’t care less who has a penis and what the hell he’s doing with it. What the hell happened to our country???